January 7, 2016


Hi, I’m Sarah Fazendin! As a travel agent, I help busy families cut through all the noise online to confidently plan and book amazing family travel experiences.

I design customized travel experiences – everything from relaxing Caribbean beach getaways to kid-friendly itineraries through Costa Rica, Kenya, Greece, Tahiti and beyond – created from scratch for each unique family. My clients feel excited about planning and booking travel with me, instead of nervous about booking something based solely on a few Trip Advisor reviews and random information found around the web.

And I’ve been at this for a while.

Over the past two decades, I have worked behind-the-scenes at the most luxurious safari camps in Africa, designed award-winning itineraries for tourism boards such as Kenya, Italy and Mozambique, and traveled extensively as a travel writer together with my family on assignment in Central America.

Once I became a mother, travel took on a new meaning for me. I discovered the extraordinary power of stepping away from the daily grind for a period of time to travel the world with my kids. Through travel, my family has had the most amazing opportunity to connect with one another and simply be together in the sacred present moment.

And because my life had been so changed by creating these treasured memories together for my own family, I launched this travel agency specifically to help other families discover the power of travel.

After nurturing decades-long relationships with the best guides, operators, and hotels around the world, I’m thrilled to be able to share these vetted relationships with my clients and uniquely design family travel experiences supported by the best of the best in travel.

Some of the favorite family trips I’ve designed over the past few weeks include fall break trips to Fiji (great time of year to be there!), last minute Spring Break Tahiti for families, new twists on classic Costa Rica itineraries, and some really cool, customized experiences in Greece combining history on the mainland and the beautiful beaches on the islands, 

So where is your family going this year?

Contact me now to get started creating treasured memories with your family!

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